• English 2 classes study a variety of literature from all over the world.  I really enjoy being able to select high-interest literature and introduce students to a variety of literary styles and genres.  Additionally, effective commnication is a critical skill; we work on communicating by practicing speaking, writing, and listening skills.   English students take the End of Course test for the final exam.  Like the other exams, it counts 20%.    


    The English 3 class will study American Literature from pre-Colonialism to the present.  Simultaneously, students practice using grammar correctly in writing and speaking. The final exam will cover Native American creation myths and legends, historical American documents, works of Edgar Allan Poe, literature from the era of Slavery and the Civil War, lyric poetry, and the short story (not necessarily in chronological order).  John Steinbeck's novella Of Mice and Men is a favorite of the students.  After reading the novella, we watch the film.  The American short story is also a popular genre among high school students.  We read and analyze a variety of short stories.  Finally, drama and poetry complete our studies.       


    The exam for both courses is 20% of the grade.  Please encourage your child to prepare for the exam.  Please contact me through email (llparris@spart7.org) or by phone (864-586-7694) if you have questions or concerns.