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    What is an eLearning Day?

    On eLearning Days, students and teachers do not report to school, but will complete classroom activities using technology (grades 3-12). We can use up to three (3) eLearning Days and will decide if we use consecutive days on a case-by-case basis.

    How and when will students and parents know if an eLearning Day will take place?

    We will communicate school cancellations and the announcement of an eLearning Day through phone calls, district/school websites, social media (Facebook and Twitter), and local media.

    How will students be informed about assignments during an eLearning Day?

    In grades 3-12, teachers will post their assignments on Schoology or Office 365.  Students will download their assignments to their MacBook ahead of time at school. 

    How will students get help on their assignments on an eLearning Day?

    Teachers will be available through Schoology, email and school voicemail (when listed) which will be posted on their class website.

    How much school work will students be required to accomplish?

    We will not overload our students with busy work but will provide meaningful learning activities related to their current unit of study.  Assignments should take a reasonable amount of time to complete when on task.

    When will assignments be due?

    As students complete their work, they should upload their assignments if Wi-Fi is available.  If an Internet connection is not available, they will have up to two school days after the last school cancellation to turn in assigned work.

    Attendance and Grading

    All students will initially be counted as present on the eLearning Day.  However, if the assigned work is not completed and submitted within the 2-day grace period, the student must be coded as absent on the day that school was cancelled.  Since their assignments are just like any others, failure to do their work will be graded in accordance with the teacher’s grading policy.

    Do students with identified special learning needs have an alternative means to access their education on eLearning days? 

    Yes, individual supports, services and accommodations for students with an Individual Education Program (IEP), English Learners or a Section 504 Plan will be followed as a part of eLearning.

    Will my student have an opportunity to learn more about how an eLearning day works?

    Yes, our schools will schedule a Mock eLearning Day where students will come to school, and teachers will show students how to retrieve and complete their digital lessons just like they will do during a real eLearning Day.

    What about my child in PK-2nd Grade?

    Students in these grades might not have take-home devices.  When an eLearning Day looks likely, activities will be sent home.  Your student will need guidance at home to complete the activities.

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