Basic Steps of eLearning

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    Basic Steps to Follow on an eLearning Day

    Prior to the anticipated eLearning day, teachers will direct students to download assignments and supporting materials at school to their MacBook. 

    If a student has WiFi access at home, the student can download assigments directly from Schoology at or from their OneDrive folder by logging into their Office365 account at  Links for both Schoology and Office365 can be found on the District's webpage under the I AM A STUDENT tab.  

    All students will initially be counted as present on the eLearning Day. However, if the assigned work is not completed and submitted within the 2-day grace period, the student must be coded as absent on the day school was cancelled.  Since their assignments are just like any others, failure to do their work will be graded in accordance with the teacher's grading policy.

    If a student needs help with his or her eLearning Day assignments, teachers will be available during their office hours through Schoology, email and school voicemail (when listed) which will be posted on their class website.

    If available, students may download and submit assignments on a different Internet-connected device (home computer, mobile phone).

    If you have questions about assignments prior to or on eLearning day, contact your child’s teacher or principal. 

    If a student is having technical difficulties with his or her MacBook, please call the Technology Office at 594-4489.  

    What if a student does not have access to the Internet?

    We are aware that not all students have Internet access at home. When we anticpate having an eLearning Day, students will be given ample time at school to download all assignments and supporting materials. 

    Because power and Internet outages are possible during school cancellations, all students are encouraged to download all materials prior to the anticipated eLearning Day.  Although Internet access will not be required to complete eLearning Day lessons, for those students wishing to use Internet resources, the district has provided a WiFi Hotspot map/list. 


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