• Welcome to the most inventive and creative class at Pine Street! Our dance classes focus on body awareness, develop flexibility, and emphasize creativity and collaboration! Students explore the Dance Elements of Body, Energy, Space and Time while they create, perform, and respond to original dance works with partners and small groups. This non-threatening program emphasizes originality and creativity along with student-generated choreography.


    Students focus on exploring the Dance Elements of Body, Energy, Space and Time. Goals for these students are:

    • To develop dance vocabulary
    • To develop an awareness of the body as an instrument of expression
    • To express ideas, feelings and concepts through the creative process
    • To appreciate the art of dance as communication form
    • To develop functional and artistic use of the movement/dance elements
    • To address South Carolina College and Career-Ready Standards for Visual and Performing Arts Proficiency and align with Profile of the South Carolina Graduate


    Students continue to utilize skills learned in the primary grades, yet build upon previous knowledge. In addition, goals are:

    • To apply choreographic tools and design principles in creating, performing and evaluating dance works of self and others
    • To connect the historical and cultural significance of the universality of dance
    • To assess the quality of dance(s) and the skill of the performer by applying aesthetic principles and criteria
    • To increase dance vocabulary and expressive language in discussing dance
    • To analyze and evaluate dance as form of communication
    • To increase and deepen collaboration and creativity through the choreographic process
    • To address South Carolina College and Career-Ready Standards for Visual and Performing Arts Proficiency and align with Profile of the South Carolina Graduate


    • Do you like to perform? Do you like to try new movements? Do you like creating your own choreography in addition to learning dances? Then Dance Ensemble might be just the place for you!
    • Dance Ensemble is a group made up of students in Grades 4 and 5, who are interested in additional performance opportunities outside of the weekly in-school dance class.
    • The students audition in the fall and participate in weekly, hour-long modern dance technique classes. The students are often invited to perform at special events both on and off campus. In addition, Dance Ensemble attends performances, master classes, festivals, and other dance-related events.



    • Develop positive attitude toward dance as a physical activity and art form
    • Become literate in dance vocabulary and dance genres
    • Be able to rhythmically move with proper body mechanics through space and time with focused energy
    • Recognize and respect the importance of dance contributions from various ethnic groups, societies and historical periods to the current world culture
    • Experience opportunities for those with capabilities and interest to continue development
    • Learn how dance connects to and supports life, culture, and society
    • Grow in appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of dance as a form of personal expression and lifelong learning
    • Discover and develop personal creativity
    • Develop physical and emotional well-being
    • Find ways to actively show what is being learned through body movement, which activates most of the brain simultaneously
    • Learn to collaborate and cooperate with others

    “Kinesthetic arts provide a significant vehicle to enhance learning with a huge upside potential and minimal risk. Ultimately they contribute to the development and enhancement of critical neurobiological systems, including cognition, emotions, immune, circulatory, and perceptual-motor. Kinesthetic arts deserve a strong, daily practice in the curriculum of every K-12 student.”

    For more research to find benefits of a dance program, go to the website for the National Dance Education Organization.