eLearning for Students with Special Needs

  • eLearning

    Accommodations and Modifications

    Online or virtual instruction for the general curriculum must incorporate classroom accommodations and modifications as necessary to comply with student IEPs. As such, district plans for using eLearning   should describe how accommodations and modifications will be provided to students with disabilities as part of the instructional delivery.

    Common Accommodations

    • Applicable to eLearning:
    • Oral administration (text to speech)
    • Reduced amount of practice items
    • Reducing the amount of information on a page

    Not applicable: Preferential seating, small group, or visual schedules

    Supplementary Aids and Services

    If the student receives supplementary aids and services that enable the student to advance appropriately toward attaining annual goals or to be involved in, and make progress in, the general education curriculum those services must be included in the eLearning plan.

    Assistive Technology

    If a student utilizes assistive technology (AT)* in order to access the general education curriculum or specialized instruction, ensure that the necessary AT is available to the student as needed for the eLearning assignment.

    *The AT may be different but should serve the same function and the student should know how to use it.


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