Teleheath for Families

New technology helps students see doctor without leaving school

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    A new technology at Cleveland Academy in Spartanburg is helping connect student's with doctors at Spartanburg Regional Health System (SRHS).

    It's part of a telehealth pilot program at Spartanburg Co. School District 7. The program blends 21st century technology and modern medicine. The highlight of this program is that students don't have to miss school to see the doctor. In the school nurse's office there are high powered tools and a web cam that allow the doctor to communicate with the student who doesn't feel well. It's a team effort between the school nurse, a nurse who works in conjunction with the school and hospital and the doctor at SRHS. According to Spartanburg 7 more than 50 schools in the lower part of the state have adopted the innovative practice--the program at Cleveland is one of the first of it's kind in the Upstate. It's a virtual exam that can check for things like an ear infection, looking at a sore throat or listening to the lungs using high powered scopes provided by Spartanburg Regional and the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance. Those illnesses can be looked at as well as other things that a child may be going through. The parent can also be involved in the doctor's appointment if they choose to be. If the student is dealing with a medical emergency the school district says they will call an ambulance immediately.