• On eLearning Days, please go to classroom.google.com and you will see the assignment. You have 5 days to turn in the assignment. The assignments are graded and count as attendance.  

    Your Login Information

    User Name is LastNameFirstName@spart7.info (for example VonneMcClain@spart7.info)


    Password is whitlock20


    You should see an invite from Ms. McClain to join the class. If you do not, email me at VLMcClain@spart7.org and I will email you the code. 

    Due to Covid-19 and the changes that the school districts have had to make, this course will be taught virtually until further notice. Students will log into their google accounts each day according to their assigned Hybrid day. There they will meet with the teacher for instruction, engagement, communication and lauching. Students can find their specific period Codes here and on my teacher page. 

    1st period Code is 74qjxis

    2nd period Code is rl33drd

    4th period Code is p6ylt7 

    For technical support contact Google Classroom - https://support.google.com/edu/classroom#topic=6020277