• Following are instructions for my students.  

    Go to. classroom.google.com and use your credentials to log on.  You have been using Google Classroom for a while, so I do not think any of my students are brand new to it.  However, in the unlikely event that you are a new user, follow the directions in parentheses ()

    (First, log on to the site:  Your user name is  "last name first name 123@spart7.info"  (You do not use spaces or punctuation).  Your temporary password is   spartanburg7

    You will be asked to change this password.  PLEASE write down your password and keep it to give to me).  


    Then you will be asked for your class code.  Class codes are as follows:


    2nd block   7cq35n7

    3rd block.   axjripd

    4th block.  4dscva5

    If you have any trouble at all, please call 864-586-7694 and leave a message.