• On Remote Days

    Attendance is mandatory! You must log into the Virtual Meeting within 10 minutes of the start time.

    Accessing Google Classroom

    • Username = LastnameFirstname123@spart 7.info (Example: SmithDavid123@spart7.info)
    • Password = whitlock20

    Email Mr. Waker (mawalker@spart7.org) if you need to reset your password or having difficulty logging in

    Class Codes

    • You have been invited to join my Google Classroom. Log in and accept the invite. 






    To log into your account to get the assignment go to classroom information

    Ill be available to answer questions about 10-1 on my gmail mlhuff@spart7.org

    You have been invited already

    remember you gmail is


    you can log in by going to google.com and signing in


    I have an invite to all my students in google classroom to join the class, you can email me at either gmail account