• Directions for E-Learning Days

    Any day that we must be out of school because of bad weather, a broken water line, or any other incident, you will need to log on to our Google Classroom and complete your assignment for the day.  Once I receive your assignment, I will be able to count you present for the day. 

    All students should already be set up in their Google Classroom, but if not, the directions may be found below.  


    Student Google Account Sign-On


    Students must follow these steps in order to access their accounts.

    • Log on to “google.com.”
    • Click "Sign in" (blue button in top right corner)
    • User name - last name, first name, 123@spart7.info    (i.e. doejohn123@spart7.info)
    • Password - whitlock20.   (You will be prompted to change your password. Please change it to Eight2020)
    • They can click the waffle in the top right corner to get to
      • “Google Classroom”


    • Class Codes:  Updated January 11, 2021
    • 2nd Period     s6fnilo
    • 3rd Period     i6dniun
    • 4th Period     46cd7mp
    • 5th Period     iy6s3ma



    Please contact me at:  khlambka@spart7.org if you have any questions or students may send me a message in our Google Classroom.