The Power of 7

  • Map Spartanburg County's seven school districts are writing new success stories every day, constantly innovating to meet the unique needs of the students we serve. Yes, we compete, but we also collaborate, learning from constant communication and shared innovation, tailoring successful practices to meet the unique needs of our students. All seven school districts offer outstanding academic, fine arts, and athletic programs, verified by state and national credentials and accolades.  Fitting together like pieces of a puzzle in the heart of the Upstate, the seven districts function as separate entities with unique programs and district traditions, working cooperatively and competitively on initiatives that advance education county-wide. 

    Over 45,000 students attend the 75 K-12 Spartanburg County public schools.  From preparing children for kindergarten through graduation and beyond to assisting adults in obtaining high school-equivalency diplomas later in life, Spartanburg school districts etch an indelible impression on the citizens of Spartanburg County.

    Primary and secondary schools in the county are on the cutting edge of technology and innovative teaching strategies, boasting early computer training programs that challenge the academically and artistically gifted, and a well-rounded curriculum that focuses on building skills for students pursuing various education or job tracts.  The nine high schools and three career/technology centers complete the secondary educational experiences.

    Superintendents, as well as specific offices from the school districts, meet monthly to discuss educational issues and to collaborate on joint efforts such as school safety and security, school calendars, the McCarthy-Teszler School for students with special needs, the Spartanburg County Alternative School, and Spartanburg County Adult Education. 

    Our schools are steeped in traditional values but focused on the future. Their Southern hospitality is as ubiquitous as sweet iced tea in summer, evidenced in the number of Red Carpets awarded for family-friendly South Carolina schools. Spartanburg schools reflect the gracious heritage and strong work ethic of their community – from rural family-owned farms and peach orchards, transformed mill villages, and revitalized small towns to the developing suburbs and vibrant hub city of Spartanburg.

    The strength of Spartanburg County public schools rests upon robust partnerships that are in place. With support from organizations like the Spartanburg Academic Movement (SAM), the Northside Initiative, the City of Spartanburg, One Spartanburg, Compassionate Schools and The Way to Wellville, our schools are fully invested in bettering the quality of life for our students, their families and the broader community.

    Each district constantly evolves to meet the unique needs of communities it serves. Each learns from the others, focusing strategy with a clarity that goes well beyond the capacity of an organizational monopoly … say, for example, a county-wide school district. Finally, all seven school districts share an overarching commitment to a single big vision – the pursuit of high levels of academic success for ALL of our children.

    We invite you to explore Spartanburg School District 7 and visit our schools to find the perfect fit for your family.