• The iReady Reading and Math tests throughout the year are extremely important, but the SC Ready is our big end of the year test. This will be the first year that your child will be taking this test.  

      What are ways that I can help my child prepare for SC Ready during the school year?                
           Here are a few things that you can work on during the school year to help prepare your child/children for SC Ready at home.


      • Knowing how to make a complete sentence
      • Finding the main idea, the theme, and the author's point of view in a text
      • Predicting and drawing conclusions
      • Finding and identifying informational text features (captions, headers, photos, maps, timelines, etc.)
      • Finding text evidence to support answers 
      • Using text evidence when answering questions


      • Multiplication facts 0-12 
      • Division facts
      • Review area and perimeter
      • Polygons and quadrilaterals
      • Elapsed time


      What is SC Ready?

              Overview (This information was found on the SC Department of Education Website) 

      • The South Carolina College- and Career-Ready Assessment (SC READY) is a statewide assessment in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics.
      • All students in grades 3–8, including students with disabilities and English learners (ELs), must be administered SC READY, except those students who qualify for the alternate test, as determined by their IEP team.
      • The SC READY tests measure the South Carolina College- and Career-Ready Standards taught in ELA and Math classes.


      What is the Read to Succeed Act?

         Overview (This information was found on the SC Department of Education Website) 

      • Grade 3 and The South Carolina Read to Succeed Act
        The South Carolina Read to Succeed Act states that a student must be retained in third grade if the student fails to demonstrate reading proficiency at the end of third grade. The law specifies six good cause exemptions from mandatory retention; one of these exemptions is student attendance at a Summer Reading Camp.
      • SC READY reading scores will be used to identify students who do not demonstrate proficiency
        in grade 3 reading and are candidates to attend Summer Reading Camp (one of the six “good cause” exemptions). For more information on the Read to Succeed Act, parents should contact their school, or visit the SC READY webpage at https://ed.sc.gov/tests/middle/sc-ready/.