District Seven Diversity and Inclusion Alliance

  • In fall 2019, District Seven established a Diversity and Inclusion Alliance comprised of teachers and administrators representing each school across the district. Members were recommended by their principals and directors, who are committed to the sensitive work of supporting and promoting diverse and inclusive school cultures at their respective school sites. The Alliance began its work by supporting the first district-wide celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month and looks forward to recognizing and celebrating future events. Throughout the 2020-2021 year, the Diversity and Inclusion Alliance will work collaboratively with administrators and other stakeholders to include students, faculty and staff members to promote inclusive school cultures and multicultural competence.

    Diversity and Inclusion Alliance Members

    Sarah Kate Abee - Jesse Boyd Elementary School
    Shalanda Jones - Cleveland Academy of Leadership
    Sara Watson - Drayton Mills Elementary School
    Bettina Elder-Johnson - Drayton Mills Elementary School
    Lynnell Lawson - Pine Street Elementary School
    Dr. Erin Davis - Pine Street Elementary School
    Lisa Smith - E. P. Todd School
    Eunice Caldwell - E. P. Todd School
    Karen Meadows Rogers - E. P. Todd School
    Alana Grant - Carver Middle School
    Katherine Jenkins - McCracken Middle School
    Ernest Rice - McCracken Middle School School
    Patty Watson - Mary H. Wright Elementary School
    Ouida Black - McCarthy Teszler School
    Carmelita Byrd - McCarthy Teszler School
    Neyda Mora - Spartanburg High School
    Dr. Leslie Richard - Spartanburg High School
    Bryan Long - Fine Arts Center
    Hilary Stevens - Spartanburg High School
    Dr. Leonard Starks - Viking Early College
    Lichelle Wilkins - Early Learning Center
    Grace Anna Hair - Early Learning Center
    Kelly Dame - Early Learning Center
    Eric P. Tyus - Whitlock Flexible Learning Center
    Colin Bauer - The David Houston Center
    Dr. Carlotta Redish - Facilitator
    Gerald Landrum - Recorder