• Hi Student,

    The following code for Google Classroom assignments for Anatomy and Disease is w27ebpx and for Physical Science Science 2nd /3rd w27ebpx.

    Student must first enter the code to join the Goggle classroom. Once student have enter code and joined the class they should sse thier assignment. Follow all direction the complete the upload assignment.

    If you are having trouble remembering your google classroom username and password, email Mr. Walker at MAWalker@spart7.org. Or simply follow the instructions below.

    Students must follow these steps in order to access their accounts.
    • Log on to google.com
    • Click "sign in" (blue button in top right corner)
    • User name - last name, first name, 123@spart7.info    (i.e. doejohn123@spart7.info)
    • Password - spartanburg7 (it will prompt students to change their passwords the first time they sign in)
    • They can click the waffle in the top right corner to get to Google Drive/Google Classroom