Return to Learn Plan: Frequently Asked Questions

  • This page will be updated regularly to provide additional information for families. 

    If you have a question that has not been addressed by this FAQ, please send it to We will respond as quickly as possible (thank you for your patience as we we provide support for all of our families). As an additional note, Superintendent Stevens' email inbox is overflowing with questions and comments from everyone and while he would like to reply to each one individually, it is not possible for him to do so. Please share your questions through the new email address going forward to allow us to address them. 

    Staff and employee HR information and FAQ as it relates to COVID-19 is in the Human Resource section of our site. 

    We are deeply grateful for the many messages of support and encouragement we have received from many of you, as well as from our parents and community partners, throughout this process. District 7 will return to learning this fall with a renewed strength and resilience as we deliver engaging, quality instruction. We will uphold the tradition of excellence and innovation that are hallmarks of our district as we move Forward Together!




  • 7-27: When will students get back to full face-to-face instruction five (5) days a week?

  • What are the important dates to know before school starts?

  • Will Virtual School students follow the same calendar as the rest of District 7?

  • 7-27: Is there an expected start time such as 8:00 AM for the Virtual School?

  • How many hours per day will the children receive direct classroom video instruction from the teacher (or participate in live learning)?


  • 8-6: When will I learn how Virtual School will begin for my child?

  • 8-6: What is the alphabet breakdown of the Hybrid Cohorts A and B?

  • 8-6: Can I withdraw from the Virtual School?

  • 7-30: For siblings who attend the same school (with different last names) be placed in the same Cohort?

  • 7-28: How do I know my Virtual School enrollment was received?

  • 7-27: How do I find my SnapCode?

  • 7-27: If we want our children to participate in the Hybrid schedule do we need to enroll?

  • 8-6 UPDATED: I enrolled my child in the Virtual School and I have changed my mind.

  • How do I enroll my child in the D7 Virtual School?

  • What is the deadline to enroll in the D7 Virtual School?

  • How will attendance be handled?

  • If I enroll my child in the Virtual School, can I change my mind and move my child back to face-to-face instruction?

  • If I choose face-to-face instruction, can I move my child at any time over to the Virtual School?

  • Will there be programs for Gifted and Talented students?


  • 7-27: When is orientation?

  • Where will I be able to get updated information?

  • Will teachers reach out to the parent/guardian if a child is not participating virtually?


  • 8-8: What about supply lists?

  • 7-31: What school supplies are needed for the Virtual School?

  • 7-30: Does APEX offer any fine arts courses?

  • 7-30: How will students satisfy the PE credit in the Virtual School?

  • 7-28: Can the six REQUIRED electives for graduation can be fulfilled via APEX offerings?

  • 7-28: Can a middle or high school student in the Virtual School come to campus to take a class not offered via the Virtual School?

  • 7-28: What about other courses not in APEX being available for High School students in the Virtual School?

  • 7-28: Will any more AP be offered for High School students in the Virtual School?

  • 7-28: Are there Middle School Honors Courses in APEX?

  • 7-28: Will my elementary school aged child be in the Virtual School with students from her home school?

  • 7-28: How many students will be in a Virtual School elementary class?

  • 7-27: What does the day look like for an elementary student? How will related arts be covered for elementary?

  • 7-28: Are all Apex classes offered? If they do not offer a class that is normally provided by D7, can we supplement that class from another online program?

  • 7-27: What does the support from a D7 teacher look like for middle and high school students? What might a typical day look like?

  • What is the difference between eLearning and the D7 Virtual School?

Extracurricular Activities

  • 8-5: Are schools conducting any after school activities? What about athletics and fall sports?

  • 7-28: Can my child participate in band or orchestra in Virtual School?

  • 7-27: Can Virtual School students at SHS participate in ROTC?

  • 7-27: Can middle/high students still participate in fine arts programs?

  • Will students in the Virtual Academy be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities (ex. marching band or sports)?


  • 7-28: Will the school be taking temperature checks upon students entering school?

  • 7-27: What happens if a teacher or student tests positive for COVID?

  • How can I protect my child from COVID-19 infection?

  • What is the risk of my child becoming sick with COVID-19?

  • Are symptoms of COVID-19 different in children than in adults?

  • Can my child hang out with their friends?

  • 7-27: Should children wear face coverings?

  • What should I do if I think my child is sick?


  • 7-28: What will lunch look like at SHS?

  • 7-28: Please send a FULL water bottle with your student to school each day!

  • 7-27: Where will my child eat lunch?

  • My child participates in the free and reduced meals program. If I enroll her in the Virtual Academy, is there a way that she can get meals?


  • 8-8: NEW Will temperature checks be done on students?

  • 8-4: Can children wear their masks at all times? Do they have to take it off in the classroom when they are distanced?

  • 8-4: Will the hand sanitizer used in the sanitation stations and classrooms be on the FDA approved list? ?

  • 7-28: Additional safety measures for teachers in classrooms.

  • 7-28: Will tables/desks be socially distanced?

  • 7-30 UPDATED: What kind of mask is required for school?

  • 7-28: What safety measures are already in place?

  • 8-11: Will students and staff be required to wear masks?

  • How will meals be safely provided under traditional/hybrid models?

  • How will children stay safe on buses?

  • Will students participate in recess?


  • Will teachers in the Virtual academy be responsible for classroom learning, too?

  • Will my child’s Virtual School teacher change after the first semester?

  • Will virtual teachers be from your child’s specific zoned school?

Special Services

  • My child has an IEP and receives special services. Will my child be able to participate in the Virtual School?

  • Would our child still be able to receive speech and other IEP services virtually?

  • If my child has Physical Therapy in school how would that work if I decide to do virtual schooling?

Student Support

  • What kind of emotional supports will there be for Virtual School students?

  • Would my student still have access to school counselors, if needed?

  • What kind of resources are in place to help struggling students outside the virtual classroom?


  • 7-28: What grade levels will receive devices for online learning?

  • We don't have a reliable internet. Is the district going to help with that?

  • Will the district issue the equipment needed for Virtual School participants?

  • What will be the layout of Virtual School? What services will the students use? Will it be Google classroom? Zoom?

  • Will the parent/guardian get training in programs if their children are in the Virtual School?


  • Will students be required to wear masks on buses?

  • How do I sign up my child to ride the bus?

  • 7-27: What are the guidelines regarding bus transportation?