Spartanburg County Public Virtual Program

  • In an effort to expand educational opportunities for students, school districts across Spartanburg County have collaborated to offer a virtual program aimed at providing a high-quality web-based learning initiative. The Spartanburg County Public Virtual Program is a comprehensive, standards-based program that can be easily accessed anywhere an internet connection is available. Parents/guardians can determine if their child is a good candidate for the virtual program after speaking with their school guidance counselor. 
    The following is a program overview:
    • All applications will be reviewed (grades, attendance, student’s potential for success).  
    • A decision will be made asap regarding approval or denial and the parent/guardian will be notified.
    • The placement in virtual will be for the entire year.
    • Students will follow all virtual school guidelines.
    • The program is not open to students in 5K – grade 2.
    • The program provides a limited range of options, including core courses on grade level for grades 3–8 (i.e. no ODYSSEY or remedial courses). It includes core courses at the College Prep, Honors and AP level, plus other courses required for graduation for grades 9–12.
    • A weekly class schedule will be determined by the Spartanburg County Public Virtual Program.
    • Virtual students will not be eligible for co-curricular activities or in-person classes but will be eligible to participate in extracurricular sports and activities that take place outside of school hours at their “home” school.
    • The Spartanburg County Public Virtual School Program is managed by Spartanburg School District 6.
    • Teachers are not District 7 teachers.
    For more information and to apply, parents are asked to contact their child's school guidance counselor. 


Contact Us

  • Dr. Terry Pruitt 
    Chief Academic Officer 
    Phone: 864- 594-4400