Student Support Services

  • District 7 will provide support services for all students, whether they participate in the flexible learning models or enroll in the District 7 Virtual School.

    • Special Education 
      All educational options, at all school levels will be available to families with children receiving special education services (speech, resource, separate classroom).
    • Section 504
      Accommodation Plans 504 Accommodation Plans will be available and followed in all models.

    • Mental Health 
      Students receiving Mental Health support services at school with a clinical counselor, guidance counselor, school psychologist, or Spartanburg Area Mental Health will be able to continue receiving support services regardless of the school model chosen by the parent.

    • English Language Learners (ELL) 
      District 7 has an English Language Learners support program. The goal of our ELL program is to provide equitable educational opportunities to students who are culturally and linguistically diverse. The primary focus is to provide an English-rich environment that provides opportunities to reach English language proficiency as soon as possible. Spartanburg School District 7 is working to create a learning environment that encourages pride in cultural heritage and supports a student’s language acquisition. Students are identified as an ELL student through the use of the Home Language Survey completed by a student’s parent/guardian upon initial enrollment in a District 7 school. The District 7 ELL program is standards-based and emphasizes both academic and social language development.

    • Multi-Tiered System of Support/RTI 
      District 7 utilizes a Multi-Tiered System of Support to help students meet their full potential. The Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) consists of three tiers. The district is concerned about the academic wellbeing of students and is equally concerned with a student’s social and emotional wellbeing. As such, all three tiers of instruction provide support in academics as well as in social and emotional health. As part of this system, all students receive a rigorous college and career focused curriculum. This is known as Tier I instruction. At times, a student may need additional support to meet instructional goals. When this is the case, the student will be provided this support in a small group setting. This support may occur within the student’s classroom by the classroom teacher, or it may occur outside the classroom by a trained paraprofessional working under the direction of a certified teacher. This is referred to as Tier II support. In circumstances when a student needs even more support meeting defined goals, the student may be enrolled in a Tier III support program. In this type of support, the student receives support out of the classroom in an extremely small group setting. The support is provided by a trained paraprofessional working under the direction of the school’s reading coach (at elementary level).

    • Odyssey (Gifted & Talented) 
      Students qualifying for Gifted & Talented services through District 7’s Odyssey program will be served, although services will be dependent upon the model the district is following given health recommendations and guidelines. It is the District’s intent to provide students with the challenging academic work they need to reach their full potential. Odyssey teachers may push into the classroom to provide services, or the teacher may provide virtual instruction, depending upon the circumstances and model. Teachers will differentiate and individualize learning for Odyssey students based on their specific needs and talents.

    • McKinney Vento 
      Eligible students will receive services, regardless of the learning model their family chooses.