COVID-19 Dashboard

  • Our nurses work each day and night, and on the weekends, to provide the most accurate information in a timely manner.

    The process of contact tracing and investigating potential close contacts takes a significant amount of time.

    As soon as accurate and reliable district-wide data is made available by our nurses, this information is posted to the COVID dashboard.

    During periods of higher COVID activity, it may take longer to complete contact tracing before data can be posted.

    Cases are listed by the date the district learned of the case, not by the date of the positive. Therefore, numbers for a particular date may change over time. District 7 reports quarantines that result from documented close contacts within our schools.

District 7 COVID Update October 14, 2021

  • Dr. Eric Levitt, Chief Operations and Technology Officer, shares an overview of where things stand with COVID-19 in District 7 in this short, informative video. 

Active COVID-19 Cases and Quarantines by School for 2021-2022

  • Reported Wed, Oct 27 at 12:07 PM. 

    Data includes positive cases and quarantines through Tues, Oct. 26.