Flu Clinics

  • flu clinics
    Getting your child’s flu vaccine at school will save you a visit to the doctor’s office! No-cost flu vaccinations will be available for all D7 students right in their schools during November. Protecting your child from the flu means fewer days of missed school and work for you and your family.
    D7 will offer the flu vaccine or flu nasal mist to students. 
    Clinic dates are:
    November 16
    Meeting Street Academy
    Jesse Boyd Elementary School
    Whitlock Flexible Learning Center
    November 17
    Mary H Wright Elementary School
    Carver Middle School
    Cleveland Academy of Leadership
    November 18
    E.P. Todd School
    Pine Street School
    Drayton Mills Elementary
    November 21
    McCracken Middle School
    Spartanburg High School
    Students will require advance registration and consent through SCDHEC with their school’s unique validation code to sign up.  
    Every school sent a parent email with this information a few weeks ago. If you cannot locate the email with your school's information, please contact the school directly.