Students, if you are absent for any reason, you can find all of the material we covered in our Google Classroom.

    The Google Classroom codes are as follows......

    1st Period Creative Writing: 4tanj34

    3rd Period Creative Writing: evshdnn

    4th Period Multi-Language Learners: wm2lvfj


    Students must follow these steps in order to access their Google accounts.
    • Log on to google.com
    • Click "sign in" (blue button in top right corner)
    • User name - last name, first name, 123@spart7.info    (i.e. doejohn123@spart7.info)
    • Password - whitlock21 (it will prompt students to change their passwords the first time they sign in)
    • They can click the waffle in the top right corner to get to Google Drive/Google Classroom


    If you are not able to sign in to Google Classroom, or get into the classroom using the code I have provided, please email me at slhand@spart7.org and I will help you.