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    The Visual Arts program at Spartanburg High School is an award-winning program. Our teachers, Beth Walsh, Margaret Riedy and Madison Grubbs are enthusiastic, hard-working and extremely talented. Our students submit work to numerous competitions. 

    All students interested in participating in a musical organization at Spartanburg High School must receive permission from the appropriate instructor. Students enrolled in Band, Chorus, or Orchestra are expected to furnish their own concert outfits. Students will be REQUIRED to attend after-school rehearsals, as well as participate in evening, weekend, and possible out-of-school performances. Students enrolled in Orchestra and Band are encouraged to provide their own instruments. Students may, however, rent their instruments from the school at a cost of $75.00 per school year. ($75.00 for second instrument to keep at home.) Additional fees and purchases may be required that are not listed. These include uniform rental/upkeep and clothes purchases. Check with the conductor for specifics.