• The students at Drayton Mills Elementary are learning all about music through singing, playing instruments, listening, moving, and creating. Our learning is focused by the South Carolina music standards of singing, playing instruments, composing, improvisation, reading music, listening and analyzing, evaluating, cross curriculum studies, and how music relates to history and culture. In addition, an emphasis on modern band (musicwill.org) and learning through popular music is integrated into the traditional music curriculum.


    Performance ensembles include the Dalmatian Chorus, made up of 4th and 5th grade students, ukulele clubs for 2nd-5th grades, fifth grade rock bands, and grade level performances at special school events. Students in the fifth grade also have the opportunity to learn instrumental music in either orchestra or band as part of their in-school music instruction.


    All students in 1st-5th grades attend 40-minute music classes twice a week and 5K attends music once a week.