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    MSA students are optimistic Meeting Street Academy-Spartanburg (MSA) was founded in 2012 as a private school serving students from under-resourced neighborhoods across Spartanburg County. When the school was established in downtown Spartanburg, it served 3K and 4K students, with plans to grow into a full early childhood and elementary school. During its first four years, Meeting Street Academy grew tremendously, and its results confirmed that providing a rigorous educational environment for pre-K students leads to a foundation of high level academic performance in elementary school. 

    In 2016, Meeting Street Academy and Spartanburg School District 7 entered into a public-private partnership. This partnership was established to align with District 7's mission of inspiring and equipping an increasing number of 3- and 4-year-old students in the City of Spartanburg. Now a public neighborhood school serving the Highland, Hampton Heights and downtown areas of Spartanburg, MSA and District 7 work closely with one another to ensure that the highest quality of education is offered to City residents. 

    Meeting Street Academy-Spartanburg is one of four schools that make up Meeting Street Schools, a network of schools in South Carolina that were founded on the belief that all children deserve an excellent education regardless of their geographic or socioeconomic circumstances, and that all children have the ability to excel in the classroom. For the full history of Meeting Street Schools, visit Meeting Street Schools' website.