A Message from Mr. Logan

  • Cleveland Principal Welcome to The Cleveland Academy of Leadership!

    As a Franklin Covey Lighthouse School, The Cleveland Academy of Leadership is dedicated to building a school of leaders. Children lead at Cleveland. You will see student leaders working in the office, assisting in the parking lot, assisting at lunch, helping with the bus lines, and assisting at recess. We work hard to give children a voice.

    Our staff members are steadfastly committed to educating the whole child. In discussions, decisions, and planning, it's our aim to put children first. We seek to ensure every child has a personal connection to at least one adult in the building. As principal, I work hard to learn learn every student's name and to know their families. We have a rich history of valuing practices that build intrinsic motivation in our learners.

    When new families come to The Cleveland Academy of Leadership I am often asked “What makes this school different?” and I love to answer this question.

    The Cleveland Academy of Leadership is an elementary school which operates on an extended calendar and begins five weeks before School District 7’s other schools. In addition, we are a Stephen Covey, Leader in Me, school. The Leader in Me curriculum is an innovative, school-wide model that emphasizes a culture of student empowerment. We help students understand how just powerful they are. As a District, we are extraordinarily proud of our efforts to raise the next generation of leaders. Through Leader in Me, we teach the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, engage in student goal setting, and work together for student success.

    In 2014, Cleveland earned the honor and distinction as a Leader in Me Lighthouse School, the 102nd in the world. This prestigious title demonstrates that our students, staff and families have met or exceeded 144 best practice criteria.

    Please know that as principal you can count on me for the following:

    • You can count on me to continue to support The Leader in Me curriculum and student leadership.
    • You can count on me for honest, respectful communication.
    • You can count on me to demonstrate fairness and confidentiality.
    • You can count on me to be a presence in classrooms, observing teaching and learning.
    • You can count on me to put safety first.
    • You can count on me to know your child.

    It is my privilege to begin my 10th year as principal at The Cleveland Academy of Leadership. Thank you for the opportunity to love and support your children.

    Fred Logan