image of three ladies smiling
  • Whether you have questions about registration, field trip fees, or absences excuses, our team will be answer your questions!  The are always eager to suppor our families.    Feel free to email them directly by clicking on the name or you may call and ask to speak to any of our front office staff.  

    • Mrs. Ann Webb is our Front Office Secretary.  She also is the person to speak to regarding absence excuses and truancy notifications.
    • Ms. Isela Pineda is our PowerSchool Secretary.  She can assist with registration and attendance
    • Mrs. Charlise Williams is our bookeeper.  Please speak with her if you have questions about Montessori fees or field trips. 

    Our front office staff is here to assist you!


    (pictured from left to right: Ms. Pineda, Mrs. Williams, & Mrs. Webb)