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    • The more access students have to books at an early age, the likelier they are to develop good reading habits. 

      Through programs like Imagination Library, educators are helping to make sure children build and maintain vocabulary and other skills through reading. Access to books early on creates an interest and love for reading and learning that is proven to help students as they go through school. 

      Imagination Library was created by the DollyWood Foundation and is managed by the Palmetto Project.

      Parents can sign their children up to receive a book each month until they are 5 years old. The goal of the program is to provide children a chance to get a head start in reading.

      The more students have access to books, language and holding books early on, transcends and helps prepare them for school. The familiarity with books, the time and the interest in learning and reading is developed early on and supports that ongoing learning.

      Since its inception here in 2001, Imagination Library has provided more than 224 million books to nearly 2,900,000 children worldwide.

      To register your child with Imagination Library, click here.