A Message from Mr. Webster

  • Mr. Webster


    Drayton Mills Elementary School Parents,  


    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!  


    DMES enters this school year having made big academic gains on our SC School Report Card. During our short school history, we’ve gone from “Below Average” (just one point above “Unsatisfactory”) to “Average,” and it is our goal to score in the “Good” range this year as we continue our march towards “Excellent.” If you would like to learn more about SC School Report Cards, please visit www.screportcards.com.  


    As our school’s rating continues to improve, it is important to note that this represents real improvements in the lives of our students. Students who are on grade level in reading, for instance, are more likely to graduate high school, more likely to attend and complete college, and more likely to enjoy higher salaries when they’re adults. We are proud of our school’s improving status, but we are even more proud of the individual student achievements reflected in our overall school improvement.  We look forward to joining you this year in continuing to grow children!  


    Before I close, I want to add that, while academic improvements are important, our mission affirms the importance of child wellbeing through “a safe and caring environment” and “high trust relationships.” It is our belief that strong, positive relationships are, in fact, the foundation of academic success. 


    Additional information about our school and its programs is available on the DMES website (www. dmes.spartanburg7.org)and Facebook page. As with anything related to our school, you are welcome to contact us by calling (864) 586-7979 or by emailing me at twebster@spart7.org 


    Thomas Webster 

    Principal, Drayton Mills Elementary School