• Join us on the Field at the



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    Please come out and cheer us on as we celebrate our success and

    continue to run forward for our education!



    9:30am – 1:00pm (drop by anytime to cheer)



    Our students will complete the Fun Run course as our larger community of supporters

    cheer them on in support of their continued academic success this school year!


    If you would like to support an individual student on their run, you can Venmo $25 to

    @Cleveland-Foundation-1. You may also mail a check to The Cleveland Opportunity Foundation at 501 Howard Street, Suite E Spartanburg, SC 29303. All donations made to the Tiger Fun Run in support of our students are tax deductible and will directly support academic and extra-curricular opportunities that will empower them towards overall success!


    Our students express extreme gratitude to our generous supporters of their education!

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    “It’s not how fast you go…it’s the difference you make!”