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    The Valkyrie Middle College (VMC), a partnership between Spartanburg School District Seven and Converse University, is a two-year, co-ed program that provides high achieving Spartanburg High School students who wish to pursue a career in teacher education with the opportunity to earn up to 30 hours of transferrable college credit – free of cost to the student. Students who successfully complete the two-year program will be eligible for priority acceptance into Converse’s teacher education program, which is now open to both males and females.  Successful students will also receive priority consideration for teaching jobs with District Seven after graduating with teacher certification.


    Converse College campus Program Overview

    Spartanburg High School students will be identified, screened and admitted into the Valkyrie Middle College during the spring of their sophomore year and will begin coursework in the fall of their junior year. District Seven will transport VMC students to attend class each morning on the Converse campus, returning for lunch and afternoon classes at SHS. Students will complete five courses each year of the program. Valkyrie Middle College coursework replaces regular and elective SHS courses. Students continue to participate fully in all aspects of SHS outside of their morning classes at Converse.

    Joining together to form a “cohort” during their junior and senior years of high school, VMC students will benefit from classes taught solely for their cohort by Converse faculty members. The program provides the rigor of college-level learning balanced with mentorship and support tailored to the needs of high school students.

    Valkyrie Middle College Program Coursework

    Education classes:

    • EDU 360 Introduction to Education (Converse will also award credit for SHS’s teacher cadet course)
    • EDU 302 K-6 Classroom Management, Discipline, and Law
    • SED 300 Introduction to Exceptional Learners
    • PSY 380 Human Growth and Development
    • EDU 353 Adolescent Development
    • EDU 361 Curriculum Design and Classroom

    Management General Education Classes:

    • ART 311 Art for the Child (fulfills fine arts requirement)
    • ENG 201 Major British Writers I (fulfills British literature requirement)
    • ENG 204 Survey of American Literature II (fulfills American literature requirement)
    • HST 110 Western Civilization to 1648 (fulfills history requirement)

    Admission to Converse University After Graduation

    VMC students wishing to complete their Bachelor of Arts degree at Converse should file the Converse admission application early in the fall of their senior high school year. Successful program participants who otherwise are qualified for admission to Converse will be admitted with advanced student status and will receive priority consideration for Converse scholarship aid.

    What type of students might be interested in the Valkyrie Middle College?

    • Students who plan to pursue a career in education and will enjoy joining a community of learners who share this goal
    • Students who want an early start on college while remaining an active part of their Spartanburg High School community
    • Students who are academically capable, self-motivated, and ready for mentorship and learning at the college level

    Benefits of the Valkyrie Middle College

    • Small, college-level classes in a challenging yet supportive environment
    • Earn up to 30 FREE transferable college credits before high school graduation.
    • Learn college readiness skills and gain valuable insights on what it takes to be a successful college student.
    • No tuition or course material fees: VMC students do not pay tuition or purchase course materials.
    • Join a Community of Learners: VMC students experience small-sized, college-level classes in a challenging yet supportive environment. The cohort experience is designed to enrich students as they form bonds, learn about the profession together, and encourage one another.
    • Priority admission and scholarship consideration to Converse upon successful program completion.
    • Priority consideration for teaching jobs with Spartanburg School District Seven upon successful undergraduate degree completion and teacher certification.

    student teacher in classroom About Converse Programs in Education

    As an aspiring teacher, when you enroll as an education student at Converse you join a legacy of award-winning teachers and school administrators. Converse graduates have earned honors such as Presidential Educator of the Year, National Marine Educator of the Year, and the Order of the Palmetto. A Converse degree is recognized throughout the Southeast as the mark of a quality educator. 

    Why choose Converse?

    • Converse has attained state approval and Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) accreditation with provisions for all professional education programs.
    • Converse enjoys close proximity to and partnerships with public schools and the South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind.
    • Converse faculty members stay closely informed on educational trends and legislation. Among them are the state-recognized experts who wrote the handbook on South Carolina educational legislation and partnered with South Carolina Department of Education in the South Carolina Reading Initiative. 


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A Converse & District Seven Partnership

  • “We are thrilled to partner with Spartanburg School District Seven for this innovative approach to developing high quality K-12 educators through the Valkyrie Middle College program. VMC students will be welcomed into the Converse family and benefit from undergraduate level instruction and mentorship from Converse’s full-time faculty members.

    – Converse President Krista Newkirk

    “A Converse degree is recognized throughout the Southeast as a mark of excellence and we look forward to having more Converse graduates teach in Spartanburg District Seven classrooms. We hope our students will deepen their passion for teaching through the Valkyrie Middle College and that this experience will help prepare them to join the next generation of educators here in Spartanburg and beyond.”

    – District Seven Superintendent Jeff Stevens