What is a Responsive Classroom?

  • Responsive Classroom (RC) is the perfect partner to PBL and a natural complement to our district’s mission, vision, and values.


    As defined on the website of the Center for Responsive Schools, the RC approach is, “a way of teaching that emphasizes social, emotional, and academic growth in a strong and safe school community.” RC operates under a set of core beliefs and guiding principles – available at length on the above website - that lead to a specifically defined set of classroom practices and strategies. To read more about responsive classroom, click here to visit the Center for Responsive School's website.


    In an RC elementary school, the practices include:

    Morning Meeting—Everyone in the classroom gathers in a circle for twenty to thirty minutes at the beginning of each school day and proceeds through four sequential components: greeting, sharing, group activity, and morning message.


    Establishing Rules—Teacher and students work together to name individual goals for the year and establish rules that will help everyone reach those goals.


    Energizers—Short, playful, whole-group activities that are used as breaks in lessons.


    Quiet Time—A brief, purposeful and relaxed time of transition that takes place after lunch and recess, before the rest of the school day continues.


    Closing Circle—A five- to ten-minute gathering at the end of the day that promotes reflection and celebration through participation in a brief activity or two.


    If you are interested in learning more about Responsive Classroom please visit their website or contact DMES Assistant Principal, Carla Cato.