Virtual School
  • During the 2020-2021, the District 7 Virtual School provided the option of full-time virtual instruction for grades 5K - 12 through high-quality web-based learning. Designed as an online alternative to in-person instruction, the Spartanburg School District 7 Virtual School provides a comprehensive, standards-based program that can be accessed anywhere Wi-Fi is available. Students must be enrolled or eligible for enrollment in District 7 in order to partipate in the Virtual School. 

    The District 7 Virtual School provides the opportunity for students to learn at any time, any place, and at any pace. Virtual School students are self-directed learners who develop critical thinking and communication skills by interacting with online content and their instructors in an online learning environment. Virtual courses allow students to work through online units of study as they master course content and employ power skills. Virtual School students possess academic integrity and discipline, as well as excellent time management skills.

    What can parents/guardians do to help their student be successful at online learning? 

    Taking an active role in your student’s learning and supporting his/her teachers is an important part of parents’/ guardians’ commitment to their student’s success in District 7’s Virtual School. To support your student’s virtual learning, parents/ guardians should:

    • Ensure that your student has 24/7 access to reliable internet. Students must be able to connect their district-issued Macbook to the internet.
    • Identify a dedicated space at home where your student will learn. For younger students, this should be as free from distractions as possible — while still allowing an adult to supervise what’s going on.
    • Help your student prepare a daily schedule for learning and assignments.
    • Assist your younger student with lessons.
    • Monitor your student’s daily progress and create positive incentives for achieving academic goals.
    • Check your student’s understanding by talking with him/her about their learning.
    • Provide consistent encouragement and motivation for your student.


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