• The Cleveland Opportunity Foundation is a 501c3 organization that exists to support and enhance the academic achievement and overall success of the students who attend the Cleveland Academy of Leadership. The mission of the Foundation is to provide high quality academic and extra-curricular opportunities that empower students to reach their highest potential and become successful and productive members of our community.

    Additionally, the Foundation supports the students and families at The Cleveland Academy of Leadership in the following strategic ways:

    • It provides accessibility to the arts, sports, extracurricular opportunities, and community-based learning that eliminates the barriers of neighborhood isolation.

    • It provides social and emotional support and ensures the basic needs of students and families are met that are necessary for a positive academic experience.

    Community support is essential when it comes to providing excellent educational opportunities for children living in poverty. 95% of the students at The Cleveland Academy of Leadership live in poverty and 100% are on free/reduced lunch. Cleveland believes that ALL children, despite any barriers they face, can and will succeed and achieve academic excellence. The Cleveland Opportunity Foundation exists to support this mission. Thank you for believing and investing in our students.  The Foundation has very minimal administrative costs to ensure that over 95% of your donation is put to work for our students.

    The Foundation is run by a volunteer Board of Directors

    Molly Colbath - Chairman, Marcos Gomez - Treasurer, Catherine Faris - Secretary, Teresa Berline, Marquice Clark, Mary Elizabeth Evans, Laurence Fritz, Jessica Holcombe, Margarette Miller, Brand Stille, Tony Thomas 

    Please reach out with any questions: 864-357-6330 (cell) or