Greetings From Guidance

  • Classroom Guidance is a robust and large part of McCracken Middle School.  We seek to strengthen our students through structured lessons that address academic, career, and personal/social competencies, thus focusing on the “whole” student.  Through our program, students participate in lessons during SOAR time using our “One Book, One School” and our Six Ethical Values of Character Education.  We believe our students benefit from the principles taught within each of these lessons.  These lessons include project based learning, hands on learning experiences, and classroom discussions.  Our counselors are integral parts of these lessons and rotate visiting within classrooms to build relationships which serve as the cornerstone of our guidance program. 


    Our Classroom Guidance Lessons embrace the Six Ethical Values of Character Education, to include: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.  Students participate in classroom discussions that take an in depth look at the meaning behind each character trait, as well as participate in activities that assist students in applying these traits to their personal lives at home and school.  Students then choose a learning activity that leads to application of one of the values to his/her life.  We believe these lessons help build a stronger community of students, teachers, faculty, and staff who share a common language base and experience.


    “Our One Book, One School” initiative incorporates character education into the lessons of the book.  SOAR Teachers read the book aloud to our students with our related arts and guidance staff serving as guest readers.  Students and teachers across grade levels read the selected book at the same time so that rich discussions among all staff and students are possible.  Woven into the fiber of these lessons are our character values that we hold dear.  Our recent school theme, “Choose Kind” resonated with our students and staff more than we could have ever imagined!  We look forward to beginning a new book each year that supports not only our literacy initiatives, but our classroom guidance program as well. 



Guidance Personnel