“Our intention is to put the best and most thorough instruction possible, in the reach of every child in this school district.” Charles Petty – First Board Chair of the District, 1888

From the Past to the Present

  • A lot has changed since 1884 when local leaders helped establish the School District of the City of Spartanburg. And yet, the declaration above from Mr. Charles Petty is as applicable today as it was more than a century ago. Spartanburg School District 7 has a rich history that has been chronicled since our District’s birth in the late 1800’s.

    In a book entitled, The First Ninety-Eight Years: 1884-1982, educator and author Ella Poats writes about the events that shaped the development of the public-school system in Spartanburg. With vivid stories and pictures that capture the changing landscape of the District, the author aptly notes that, from one generation to the next, it’s been the people of our community who have contributed to the excellence of the District. 

    Clearly, the lynchpin in that bridge between the decades, is this community’s abiding commitment to the children of District 7.

    With history now repeating itself – District 7 is once again pushing the envelope of innovation.  The blueprint for a brand-new Spartanburg High School reflects a 21st century sophistication that will likely be the envy of our peer and aspirant districts throughout the state. The District's commitment to digital learning in the classroom ensure that all of our graduates are prepared and ready for technology in the workplace and are savvy enough to navigate the next evolution of digital communications. This is an exciting time in the life of District 7 and thanks to the ongoing involvement and investment of our community, there's much to anticipate in the next chapter of our story.

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