Early Start

  • The Importance of Early Childhood

    As cited by Nobel Laureate and human development expert, James J. Heckman, “Early childhood education fosters cognitive skills along with attentiveness, motivation, self-control and sociability- the charter skills that turn knowledge into know-how and people into productive citizens.” At MSS, students begin their schooling as three and four year olds in a program that gives them a strong foundation in:

    • Early literacy and numeracy skills.
    • Social and emotional development.
    • Early childhood physical skills such as gross and fine motor development.

    students playing with trains together Early Literacy and Numeracy Skills:

    At MSA Spartanburg, we strive to help develop young minds by inspiring curiosity and creativity through purposeful play and nurturing guidance. Through our interactive and discovery-based learning model, children gain a strong foundation of early literacy and numeracy skills that sets the stage for future academic success and that instills a love of learning and continual discovery.

    Social and Emotional Development:

    Research shows that social-emotional intelligence is one of the best indicators of future success. MSA Spartanburg weaves character development and life skills into daily experiences so that each child learns how to handle their emotions and how to work and interact with other individuals in a positive manner.  Through our Path to Success traits, each child learns the importance of demonstrating grit, gratitude, optimism, empathy, citizenship, integrity, self-control, and curiosity.

    Gross and Fine Motor Development:

    MSA Spartanburg teaches healthy living and encourages each child to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Students master gross motor skills through regular PE classes and daily outdoor play. As students slide, climb, and run on the playground, teachers encourage and challenge students to learn proper techniques for movement and balance. Teachers also take their classes on frequent walks through downtown Spartanburg and to the neighboring parks. Inside the classroom, teachers frequently work with students to build their fine motor skills through a variety of activities such as weaving, lacing, cutting and tearing paper, and stringing beads.