Learning by Doing

  • first graders partner reading Books, not Basals

    Wit and Wisdom, our ELA curriculum, is full of rich, authentic texts that students hold in their hands and explore. These books cover topics that are relevant to their lives and that keep them engaged. The lessons are designed to allow students to read amazing texts several times to uncover themes and life lessons the author relays to us through craft and creativity. Our young authors then apply what they have learned to their own written works of art.

    Hands-on Math

    Eureka Math helps teachers deliver unparalleled math instruction that provides students with a deep understanding of fluency in math. Crafted by teachers and math scholars, the curriculum carefully sequences the mathematical progressions to maximize coherence from Prekindergarten through Precalculus - a principle tested and proven to be essential in students' mastery of math.

    Mind over Matter

    Our mindfulness curriculum, Minds Up, has been featured in several documentaries due to its ability to empower students to monitor and manage their emotions, remain calm in the face of adversity, and to stay focused on learning so their brains continue to grow. At MSA, we teach students the parts of the brain and how to control each one through meditation and breathing exercises. This daily practice is one that students will use forever to ensure they live a happy and healthy life.