Welcome to Technology and Innovation


    The Office of Technology and Innovation exists to lead in initiating and enabling programs and services through innovative solutions that facilitate learning, business initiatives, and productivity across academic, administrative and community functions. The Department is responsible for planning, organizing, implementing, and monitoring computerized processing systems to improve the management reporting and instructional operations of the District. It is also responsible for providing service and support to schools and central/auxiliary offices in the acquisition and use of technology to enhance student performance, ensure the availability of information for stakeholders, provide timely and accurate performance data and provide quality support services.


    Spartanburg School District Seven provides a technologically rich environment for global access to educational resources and data, and the fostering of innovative thinking through careful planning and collaboration.  Our technology-supported, innovative classroom environments allow our teachers to fully engage all learners in reaching their full potential.  


    Our Technology Department encompasses three distinct areas that closely collaborate in creating and maintaining an innovative, robust and secure digital environment for our students and staff to thrive.  These areas include Technology Support, Instructional Technology and Student Information Services. 


Contact Us

  • Dr. Eric Levitt
    Chief Operations and Technology Officer
    Phone: 864-594-6187

    Kate Leonard
    Executive Secretary for Technology and Innovation