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Pine Street School PTO

2022 - 2023 PTO Officers:

Beth Hray - President

Emily Lucas - Vice President/SIC Chair

Hadley Inabinet - Secretary/Social Media

Caren Livingston - Treasurer

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  • Top 10 Reasons to Get Involved at Pine Street Elementary School

    1. Your child benefits.

    When parents get connected to school, children do better. Research shows children whose parents are involved get better grades, do better on tests, and have fewer discipline problems at school.

    1. We make a difference.

    Our mission is to create the kind of school community where teachers and administrators can do their best work and so can our children. We provide support for teachers in and out of the classroom. We provide the resources they need. We help create learning opportunities for children. And we try to build the kind of supportive, caring atmosphere that makes school fun.

    1. We pledge to honor your time constraints.

    People are often reluctant to participate because they’re afraid they’ll get pulled into a black hole of never-ending time commitment. That won’t happen here. An hour or two a semester really makes a difference.  And we won’t push you to commit more than you want to or are able to.

    1. We have fun.

    Volunteer work shouldn’t be drudgery. We accomplish a lot, and not everything we do is easy. But we know we’re not balancing the national debt, either. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we try to enjoy ourselves along the way whenever possible.

    1. Meet nice people who share your concerns.

    We all have a common bond. We care about creating the best possible educational experience for our children.  We are neighbors and peers who share many of the same experiences. And many friendships have developed as a result of those connections.

    1. There’s a lot to be done.

    These days, schools are asked to do more with less.  Our help is needed more than ever to fill the gaps.

    1. We can match jobs to your interests and abilities.

    The work we do covers a broad spectrum: filing and photocopying, planning and executing events, writing and editing, working directly with children, managing a budget and cash flow, and lots more. We encourage creative ideas, and we’re thrilled to have people take on tasks that meet their skills and interests.

    1. We’re welcoming.

    To us, there are no “outsiders.” We are people who have come together to work toward common goals.  We couldn’t be happier to have you join us in working toward those goals.

    1. We’re about parent involvement, not just fundraising and Field Trips.

    In these times of tight budgets, parent groups everywhere have to fill in the gaps, and so are we.  Our number one goal is to get more parents connected to the school. That’s because more than 300 independent research studies show that building parent involvement in education is the number one thing we can do to create a great school and improve student performance.


    1. This work is very rewarding.

    It’s seeing the bright light of learning sparkle in a child’s eye. It’s seeing the smile that shows we’re making school a little more fun—and a child feels a little more comfortable in a learning environment. It’s learning that test scores have risen and knowing we played a role. There are lots of rewards, both big and small, for those who get involved. Won’t you join us?


    Becoming involved and supporting the Pine Street PTO is easy. Your involvement is critical to the success of our school.

    Pine Street PTO is gearing up for a great year! We deeply appreciate the support of Pine Street families. You can register and pay dues for the year online by visiting this site: Alternatively, you can send in a paper registration form and check. Paper registration forms will be sent home with your child next week.

    • Please pay the annual PTO dues of $20.
    • Please volunteer your time.
    • Give us your email address, and we will keep you informed of upcoming events.
    • Encourage your students to participate in our fundraisers. Our fundraisers support many programs and any fundraising effort will directly affect your child and help maintain the high quality and standard of excellent education at Pine Street Elementary School.
    Please feel free to call or stop by the PTO Office. Contact us at 594-4470 or Pine Street PTO we welcome your involvement.
    Thank you!
    Emily Lucas, PTO President

    For Spanish speakers: Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre la escuela Pine Street o la inscriptceón de su hijo, llame a este número de teléfono: (864) 594-4470.

    For networks and organizations supporting the inclusion of Latinx/Hispanic community members, please see Spartanburg Alianza: and


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