• Happy JBE students

    JBE is developing in all of our students the world-class skills and life and career characteristics of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate by continuing to strive in our quest to offer every child every chance to succeed and in showing that there is No Place We’d Rather Be than JBE. Jesse Boyd Elementary School makes it our mission to inspire and equip all to become lifelong learners and productive community members through a challenging and supportive environment which promotes academic excellence, confidence and creativity. Each year our school theme encourages our students to go above and beyond classroom expectations to experience remarkable achievements, contributions, and growth in both academics and character.  

    At Jesse Boyd, we prepare students to become active, caring, lifelong learners who demonstrate respect for themselves and one another and have the capacity to participate in the world around them by building their world-class skills. Our curriculum respects students’ developing ideas about how the world works and encourages them to question, consider and refine their understanding of the social and natural world. Teachers use an inquiry-based model of teaching reading and writing workshop incorporating science, math, and social studies. Additionally, teachers nurture independent learning, critical thinking, as well as creativity, and because we know that learning is social, our students spend a great deal of time working collaboratively with peers to build communication, problem-solving, and team-working skills.