Honors & Awards

  • Teacher of the Year 

    Mrs. Audrey Amos

    Support Staff Person of the Year 

    Mr. Paul Brown

    Apple Distinguished School

    In 2017, JBE was one of 175 schools worldwide to have a 2-year distinction of being an Apple Distinguished School, as well as each teacher becoming an Apple Certified Educator.  

    Common Sense School

    In a commitment to providing safe internet safety for our teachers and our students, each teacher has ben certified as a Common Sense Educator. As well, JBE was recognized as a Common Sense School Award

    Alliance for Healthier Generation

    Jesse Boyd has been awarded this prestigious honor for three years in a row for our outstanding work in improving the health of students and faculty.

    Golden Shoe Winner 

    SC Safe Routes to School honored JBE for our commitment to creating physical activity opportunities for our students and increasing the number of students walking to school.

    Community Champion Award 

    Jesse Boyd was honored for the collaborative work done in turning our teacher’s lounge into a faculty workout gym.

    Palmetto Finest Finalist

    In 2012, Jesse Boyd was named one of two finalists for the prestigious Palmetto Finest Award.

    Golden Carrot Runner Up 

    The United States Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine awarded JBE the runner-up in a national competition for Jesse Boyd’s efforts in promoting healthy eating to our students.

    Red Carpet School 

    Jesse Boyd was honored with the SC State Department of Education’s Red Carpet award to recognize our success at creating family-friendly school environments and providing excellent customer service.


    A variety of teachers have won grants to provide opportunities for students. Recent grant winners include: Sarah Kate Abee, Kevin Brabham, Dustin Kite, Kimberly Alverson, Alice Scoggins, Audrey Amos, Patricia Pressley, and Carrie Shoolbred.

    Riley Award Finalist 

    Jesse Boyd and the SIC were honored by the state of SC School Improvement Council Board of Trustees as one of five finalists for the Dick Riley School Improvement Council of the Year award.

    Upstate Students Making a Difference 

    Four Jesse Boyd students have been selected as Parent Magazine’s 10 students who are making a difference. In 2014, Ellis Page was awarded this for his efforts in beginning a tutoring program at Jesse Boyd during 5th grade recess and in 2015, Chase Rose was awarded this for his efforts in beginning a community wide, random acts of kindness initiative. In 2016, Madison Cooksey was awarded and in 2018, Knox Eaton was awarded this honor.  

    Palmetto Gold Award 

    Jesse Boyd Elementary was named a Palmetto Gold winner for outstanding student achievement by the State Department of Education.

    IB World School

    Jesse Boyd Elementary was fully authorized as an IB World School by the IB Organization in the spring of 2011 and reauthorized in May 2015.