• Spartanburg School District Seven strives to inspire and equip our students in a global society by promoting strategies for achieving equitable access to digital tools and resources.   

    Jesse Boyd Elementary School is dedicated to aligning today's classroom with our everchanging high-tech world.  

    The 2018-2019 school year will mark the sixth year of our technology initiative.  Students in grades 5K and 1st grade have Ipads to use for instruction. Our students in grades 2-5 are given MacBook Air computers to be used for instruction.  

    Technology Integration has transformed our instruction and our classrooms, providing a 21st century learning experience.  

    Technology extends our learning beyond the conventional classroom with cutting edge digital tools like MacBook Airs for all students and staff, ActivPanel Touch boards and Hoover Cams.  

    These tools are supported and connected by multiple educational platforms allowing for collaboration, assessment.  

    The extension of learning is so seamless the tools become an invisible part of our state of the art classrooms, intertwining technology and empowering our Wildcats to succeed in this constantly evolving world. 


    Technology Assistance

    Jeanie Cox and Wanda Greenfield

    This two staff members are largely responsibile for the amazing transformation within our building. The success of our technology infused instruction is due, largely in part, to their work behind the scense.  

    Dr. Wanda Greenfield

    Technology Integration Specialist 

    The technology 411 

    Dr. Greenfield is responsible for helping teachers integrate technology into the curriculum. Any problems with accessing software (i.e. Istations, Dreambox, etc. should go through her).


    Mrs. Jeanie Cox

    Technology Specialist

    The Technology 911 

    Mrs. Cox keeps our computers and our internet up and running. Problems with your Macbook should be directed to her.