Parent Testimonials

  • Our year at the Park Hills ELC has been amazing. We have felt so close to the teachers and staff here. We've become a family.  (May 2019)

    ~ Shanell J. 


    I've had three children graduate from the ELC. It has been a wonderful experience that has brought my family and children joy. Thank you for all you guys do to love and teach our babies.  (May 2019)

    ~ Shavonda L. 


    The Early Learning Center at Park Hills is a wonderful shcool. I'm really glad my son attended this school. All of the teachers are so amazing. Mrs. Doctor really loves and cares about all of her babies. She is so sweet and amazing. I love this school!  (May 2019)

    ~ NyQuiesha K. 


    My child's first year of school was incredible! Not only was his transition inot a school environment smooth, but as a first time parent, all my worries were put at ease thanks to all the amazing staff. You know your child is cared for when everyone knows his name!  (May 2019)

    ~ Kamie L. 


    It's a good place for kids and nice people are here.  (May 2019)

    ~ Raymond A. 


    We are so thankful for our son's tme spent at the ELC. He has truly grown to love and enjoy going to school each day. I can only hope that he continues to feel that way as he moves on to kindergarten. We love our family at the ELC! Thank you! We could not have asked for a better introduction to school...such a happy and welcoming place. (May 2019)

    ~ Erin R. 


    It's always important to make any and every child feel special and welcomed! We have felt that and some since attending the ELC.  Thanks!  (Sept 2018)

    ~ C. Moore


    We're so, so, so grateful for the staff and teachers here at the ELC!  They make Silas feel so special and help him have a great day every day!!  Y'all are such a blessing! (Sept 2018)

    ~ P. Martin


    ELC is as much a family as it is a school. Here children learn and play while building skills and bonds that will last a lifetime. I am confident they will graduate ready and not just for 5K, but for the world.  (May 2018) 

    ~ Molly M.


    We feel blessed to have our daughter attend Park Hills Early Learning Center this year. The faculty and staff put so much heart into what they do in loving these kids. It is truly a breath of fresh air considering the impersonal, fast- paced world we live in. We love the ELC!  (May 2018)

    ~ Lacey & John W.


    Park Hills ELC has exceeded in all early learning challenges my child has had from transferring to this school from out of state. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for higher education for their child. The teachers and staff are great and it’s more of a family than just student and teacher relationship. I love Park hills ELC!  (April 2018)

    ~ Tyson M.


    My son has made leaps and bounds during his year at ELC.  The teachers, director and staff treat students as they would their own children.  I cannot speak highly enough of ELC. Thank you from the bottom of this parent's heart!  (April 2018)

    ~ Amanda B.


    The warm smiles greeting my son every morning makes me feel hs is wanted and safe!  - Go ELC!  (March 2018)

    ~ Shavonti W.


    I think this school goes above and beyond for the students.  (March 2018)

    ~ Stephanie S.