NAEYC Accreditation

  • The Early Learning Center at Park Hills opened August 25, 2011 as a world-class full service community school for children ages birth to four-years-old. The Early Learning Center program is designed to enhance children’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development by offering comprehensive services such as home visits. Family and community services will also be integrated into the center’s offerings - parent education, adult education, home visits, medical care, and social services.  

    In 2015 the Early Learning Center earned NAEYC Accreditation.  You might be asking, what is NAEYC?  NAEYC is the National Association for the Education of Young Children. NAEYC has set forth 10 standards for early childhood that a facility must meet in order to gain Accreditation.  

    The standards for being accredited are: Relationships, Curriculum, Teaching, Assessment of Child Progress, Health,  Staff Competencies, Preparation, and Support, Families, Community Relationships, Physical Environment, and Leadership and Management.  Learn more about NAEYC standards by visitng their website: (link will open in a new window)

    To learn more about NAEYC, visit their website at (link will open in a new window)