• PSS School Improvement Council

    The state of South Carolina initiated School Improvement Councils (SIC) through legislation as a means of restoring the influential voice of parents and community members in public education. Each public school in South Carolina has a School Improvement Council that is responsible for planning, monitoring, and evaluating improvement at the school level through the following responsibilities:
    1. Participate in the development of the five-year school improvement plan.
    2. Assist in the monitoring of the implementation of the plan and evaluation of results.
    3. Assist in the writing of the annual updates.
    4. Write the narrative to the School Report Card in conjunction with the principal.
    This year, in addition to the above listed responsibilities, the Pine Street SIC is also working on three school-wide initiatives with the following goals:
    • Increase teacher proficiency and use of available materials, tools and technologies to increase student achievement.
    • Provide professional development for all teachers on arts-infusion to improve teacher/administrator quality.
    • Develop incentive programs to increase motivation to be on time and decrease the percentage of student tardies to improve our overall school climate.
    The SIC meets monthly and welcomes anyone interested in participating in the discussion and implementation of our goals and responsibilities.
    Please contact Dennis Regnier or Juliette Wright for additional information or meeting times.