• Greetings Students, Parents and Friends of the Whitlock Flexible Learning Center:

    cameron It is with great pleasure that I welcome everyone to the start of the 2021-22 school year.  I'm Cameron Collier, a new face and principal here at the Whitlock Flexible Learning Center. I am returning to District 7 after serving as principal of High Point Academy in Spartanburg, and I bring nearly 20 years of education experience as a teacher and administrator. I began my teaching career in Rock Hill and later served District 7 as a teacher at Carver Middle School; in assistant principal roles at Carver, at Spartanburg County Alternative School, and at Spartanburg High School; and as Director of the Freshman Academy at Spartanburg High School. 

    At the Flexible Learning Center, our motto is, “The BEST child, EVERYDAY, the SUCCESSFUL way!”  Our vision is to provide students with a rigorous academic program where they will be academically and socially successful by providing them with 21st century skills. 

    We look forward to working with all students.  We believe that everyone will make mistakes, but learning from your mistakes will help to build character.  We are here to offer students a "Fresh Start."

    Below are just a few reminders about our program. 

    Required Orientations before students can attend the programs.  All students, new and returning must attend orientation, and they will spend the first 3 days here in our Week Zero Program to learn more about our school.

    Our students are required to wear uniforms everyday.

    Student Pants

    • Khaki or Light Tan (no Khaki colored jeans will be allowed)
    • Belts must be worn; black or brown; no slide belts
    • Pants must be work at the waist at all times

    Student Shirts

    • High School – Black collared polo style shirt, long or short sleeve
    • Middle School – Navy Blue collared polo style shirt, long or short sleeve

    During the winter months, students will be allowed to wear a solid long sleeve sweatshirt (HS black and MS blue).

    It is the fundamental belief of the Flex Center that all students are of value, and they need guidance to find and develop the positive qualities they possess. We understand that many will have histories of failure in the “traditional” educational setting. Therefore, it is our goal to strive to find creative approaches to their learning which will enable them to experience success that will continue with them throughout their lives. We are dedicated to offering a non-judgmental environment, to provide structured learning that is not rigid, and to actively support growth in student self-confidence.We look forward to working with each student and parent. 

    As the principal of the Flexible Learning Center, I implore all parents to be proactive in their child’s education during the school year.