A student is placed at Whitlock Flexible Learning Center through a referral process initiated by the student’s home school.  Each student must be approved by the home school’s district level official prior to attending. 

    Once the referral is processed by the home school administration and district, it is sent to the FLEX Center for further processing.  The registrar will telephone parents to inform them that their child’s referral has been received and advise them of the time and place for orientation.  Orientation will be scheduled for Wednesday afternoon at 2:45 pm, and the student will start school on the following Monday.

    The purpose of our Wednesday afternoon enrollment/orientation program is to ensure that all parents and students understand the function of the Flex Center.  All policies and procedures are explained along with specific curriculum opportunities which promote academic success.  We answer all questions and provide time for parents to meet administrators, counselors, teachers, attendance clerk, nurse and school resource officer.  Attending orientation is mandatory for both parent and student.

    Because of the number of students that are referred each week, our administrators and counselors spend Thursday and Friday designing a prescriptive program of study which will ensure success and a return to the home school.  Transcripts, IEP’s and test scores are examined for proper placement.  (Students are given an excused absence on these days.) Whitlock has averaged serving approximately 550 students each year.

    It is our duty to ensure a smooth transition for each student and home school. If a student is unable to attend a specific orientation, we will communicate with that student and their respective district representatives.  If a student with an IEP is unable to attend orientation, Whitlock and the respective district will work together to make adequate accommodations to ensure compliance with the IEP.   This may include homebound, study hall at the home school and/or special orientations by the Whitlock resource teachers.

    The Whitlock faculty and staff is devoted to ensuring all students continue to progress toward high school graduation.  The success of these students is our reward.

    Week Zero Program

    Before students attend classes at Whitlock, they participate in a behavior modification program for the first three days.  Students will be provided with behavior interventions and character building activities. During this time students will become acclimated to the policies and procedures of the FLEX Center.  Students will also take a diagnostic test before entering class on Thursdays.