All children are required to attend school until their 17th birthday.

    Reg. 43-274 requires school districts to adopt policies to define and list lawful and unlawful absences.

    Given the proven, positive results of regular school attendance upon student performance and growth, parents–with the support of the school–should insure and promote the daily attendance of their child(ren).

    Because 170 days are the minimum required by the state, the first five (5) absences per semester at the high school or the first ten (10) at the middle school may be unlawful, lawful, or a combination of both. All absences beginning with the sixth (6th) at the high school and the eleventh (11th) at the middle school must be lawful and fall within the following guidelines:

    Excused Lawful Absences.

    1. The student is ill and his/her attendance at school would endanger the student’s health or the health of others.
    2. There is a death in the immediate family. Immediate family includes father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, or resident of the same household.
    3. There is a recognized religious holiday of the student’s f Notification from the head of a church must be sent to the school prior to the absence.
    4. The student has a doctor, dentist, or orthodontist appointment and brings a note from the physician verifying the appointment.
    5. The student has a period of hospitalization or extended medical care by a physician.
    6. The student has a chronic illness, certified by a physician, that may cause him/her to be absent in excess of the lawful number of absences permitted by law. Such illness must be approved through the school.
    7. A senior may be allowed one college visit per semester with the prior approval of the school and with proper documentation from the colle

     Unexcused Unlawful Absences.

    1. The student is willfully absent from school without the knowledge of the parent/guardian.
    2. The student is absent from school without acceptable cause with the knowledge of the parent/guardian.
    3. An absence is not covered by a parent or doctor excuse within three (3) days of the students return to school.
    4. The student is absent for sickness for more than ten (10) cumulative days not covered by a doctor’s e

     Attendance Excuses

    If a student has to be absent from school, he/she must bring to the school a written excuse for the absence to be excused.  The excuse should be turned in during check in the mornings.  The excuse should be brought in on the first day that the student is able to return to school. Lawful absences that can be excused with documentation.