Seven Reads

  • We are proud to announce the 10th year of Spartanburg High School’s Seven Reads program. The purpose of this program is to bring the school and community together, to have authors visit the campus and interact with the students, and to encourage a life-long love of reading. After receiving feedback from students, teachers, and the community, the 7Reads committee decided to make a change. Instead of having students choose from a list of books, read them over the summer, and then hear an author, the students will hear the author first. Actually, the students will get to meet three authors – Erin Lange, James McTeer, and Greg Neri. After they meet the authors on Monday, September 12th in a special assembly, each student will get the opportunity to pick from a list of six books: five from the authors listed above and one from Wes Moore who they met March 9th, 2016. Stay tuned for more details about the 7Reads program.

    Please contact Susan Myers or Ashley Layne with any questions or suggestions. We enjoy hearing from you!

    Book List

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7 Reads Colleagues Portraits