College Bound

  • It is up to each student at Spartanburg High School to apply for scholarships. If you don’t apply you won’t receive one. We encourage you to pay close attention to requirements and deadlines, and not to wait until the Spring because by then it will be too late! Please also stay informed by reading the newsletter and announcement that you receive in your school email. We also have a comprehensive scholarship database to help you keep up with deadlines, contact information for college counselors, and more. Students can access the database here SHS Scholarship Database.
    As you are awarded scholarships throughout the year, please give Mrs.Rogers a copy of the award letter. We want to include all of your scholarships in our Souvenir Book at graduation. Also, when you receive your acceptance letter(s), give a copy to Mrs. Rogers for our end-of-the-year College List.

College Searches

    • is a great resource for students and parents. It is a program of the SC Commission on Higher Education.

    • is a very good scholarship search engine and it is free! Sign up today!

    • The Commission on Higher Education (CHE) website has much valuable information for students and parents. Visit This site contains detailed information on the S.C. Education Lottery Scholarships as well as other helpful information.

    • South Carolina Student Loan has much information for students and parents about loans for college. They also have a lot of information about college and career planning. Visit them at

    • South Carolina’s independent college and universities – Information on these colleges and universities is available at Look for the free download of the guide.

    • is a free scholarship matching service with a database of over 2.4 million scholarships.


    Additional Recommended Websites:



    College Greenlight


    Google Scholar Scholarships


    Scholar Box


College Financial Aid

  • Seniors are encouraged to apply for the FASFA, which is a Free Application for Federal Student Aid program provided through the U.S. Department of Education. Depending on the student and parent’s income, students can receive a Pell Grant and/or other federal aid to make their dream of going to college a reality. Open enrollment for FASFA begins the first week of January of each year. Most colleges have a financial aid deadline on March 1st. Double check with your prospective college for a deadline and for assistance with filling out the form.