• McCarthy Teszler School serves students from Spartanburg County who have significant special needs. In order to attend our school a student has to be referred to our program, following a consultation, by the Special Education Director from the district in which the student lives. Contact information for the directors of special education for Spartanburg County is as follows:


    DISTRICT # 1                                           

    Ms. Trish Beason, Coordinator

    (Danny McDowell, testing)



    DISTRICT # 2

    Fran Metta

    (Trish Meadows, testing)



    DISTRICT # 3

    Cynthia James, Director

    (Jonathon Hayes)



    DISTRICT # 4

    Mary Johnson



    DISTRICT # 5

    Dr. Cathy Boshamer, Director

    864-439-7760 (864-949-2309)


    DISTRICT # 6

    Dr. Alan Eggert, Director 



    DISTRICT # 7

    Cheryl Revels, Coordinator